The admission process consists of a visit by parents and the child to the school, filling up of the application form, a fitment assessment of the child by the class teacher and a formal meeting of the parents with the Head of the Institution. The whole process can be completed in a day.

  • School Visit: Admission process starts with the parents and child visiting the school and liking the school after a detailed discussion with the admissions counselor, a guided tour of the school and an informal meeting with teachers and the leadership team. Parent needs to give some basic information in the enquiry form at this stage so that the counselor can assist him / her better. It is advisable to visit the school during school hours (8.30 am to 3.30 pm Sunday to Saturday) to get a better sense of how well the school functions, how the learning happens and how happy the children look and how committed the teachers are. One could also chat with the parents of children studying in the school informally to get a parents perspective, we encourage you to do so and we would love to make the introductions. In fact these are some of the things every parent should do at any school before deciding to admit their child.
  • Application Form: Once a child and parent decide to join the school an application needs to be filled up giving all the particulars of previous education, medical history, etc. The form can be obtained from school office by paying Rs 200/-.
  • Fitment Interaction: Respective class teacher will assess the child for fitment (oral and activity based) and assess if the child can attend the class as desired by parents. The likely outcomes of the fitment interactions are admission to the class as desired by parents, or admission to the desired class with a joint action plan between the teacher and parents to work on certain areas of improvement, or advise to the parents to admit the child in a lower class if the child does not match any of the learning outcomes required for the given class.

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